BWD: Lemon Cup Custard

First, I’m so excited to bake along with the Baking with Dorie (BWD) group!  When I first started this blog, I really wanted to join the Tuesdays with Dorie (TWD) group, but membership was closed.  I was so thrilled to find this group of other food bloggers who also missed out on joining that group.  Second, I apologize for the late in the day post.  95% of the days I’m home with the toddler, we have a great day where we play a lot, and I can get cooking/baking/laundry/cleaning done.  Today was one of the 5% days where he decided to spotlight his terrible twos and the husband had to work late.  This is not a good combination in The Rookie Baker household!  Thankfully, he is now sleeping, and I have time to write my post!

Today’s recipe was for Lemon Cup Custard, which can be found on page 387 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking From my Home to Yours or at our lovely hostess Grapefruit’s blog, Needful Things.  I have never eaten or baked custard of any kind before.  In fact, I always thought custard was just a fancy term for pudding.  The TWD group commented on how “eggy” this tasted, which seemed a bit, well, gross to me.  However, the main reason I started this blog and joined several baking and cooking groups was to push myself beyond my normal comfort zone.  The husband and I love lemon, so I thought this would be a winner for us. 

Unfortunately, I understand why the TWD wasn’t overly excited about this one…it tasted WAY too eggy to both of us.  I even doubled the lemon zest and used a healthy splash of lemon extract, and I let the milk and lemon zest mixture steep for an hour and a half (although that was due to the toddler’s shenanigans today…).  I would be interested in trying this again with some of the other flavor combinations Dorie recommends (vanilla, orange anise, and cinnamon-espresso) to see if those flavors would overpower the egg taste.

To see how the other BWD bakers did this week, check out the blogroll here.  Stay tuned for our June 21st recipe for Summer Fruit Gallete, which is on pages 366-367.  I am very much looking forward to this one!


3 thoughts on “BWD: Lemon Cup Custard

  1. Sorry it didn’t work for you! But your custard looks great!
    I can sympathize with the terrible-twos: I deal with that all day long and it’s the reason why it often takes me all day (or several days) to do some of these challenges, because I have to break the entire process up into so many parts.

    • The Rookie Baker says:

      Thanks! It really did look delicious. I think it was the texture that got both of us, then we could taste the egg and that was it. I’m glad I tried it though! Yes, those terrible twos are always a good time. Hopefully yesterday was an anomaly and not a new trend he’s starting!!

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