BWD: Brown Sugar Bundt Cake

Today’s Baking with Dorie recipe for Brown Sugar Bundt Cake was chosen by Chaya of Chaya’s Comfy Cook Blog.  Check out her blog for the recipe for this cake, or you can find it on page 179 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours

For as much as I enjoy cake decorating, I do not enjoy frosting at all as it is way too sweet for me.  I’m the girl who always asks for the middle piece of the cake to avoid the frosting.  So, I was really excited about this frostingless cake!  And, as is normal with Dorie’s recipes, I absolutely loved it!  The recipe as written called for pears and prunes, but since the husband and I are not fans of either, I substituted apples and raisins.  This was very simple to throw together…the most tedious part was cutting up the apples.  The cake was so moist and the brown sugar flavor is divine.  I will most certainly make this again!

This is the second recipe I’ve made with Chaya in the last several days (she also chose the Sloppy Joes recipe I made last week), and once again, she chose a winner!  To see how the other BWD bakers did with this, check out the blogroll.  In two weeks, we’ll be making the Milk Chocolate Mini-Bundt Cakes, which was chosen by yours truly!  I cannot wait to try it!


4 thoughts on “BWD: Brown Sugar Bundt Cake

  1. Me used apples too!! 😀

    The white icing sugar is a gorgeous contrast againt your dark brown cake. Like you, I will most certainly bake this again!! 🙂 Looking forward to baking your pick in the next two weeks!

  2. I am glad this turned out to be a success. Brown sugar is what got to me. I love baking with it.

    Yours looks great with the the powdering of sugar. Just right for so many of us.

    I happen to have made the mini bundts you selected for last week and I can tell you, they are fantastic. We are all going to enjoy those.

    I ordered a mini bundt pan to make them in but it has not come yet. Let’s hope.

    I used to have one but it is one that the cake gets stuck to the pan, every time. I am not wasting any more good cake on it.

    Thanks for baking with me and BWD. We have a great group here.

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