BWD: Kids’ Thumbprints

This week’s Baking with Dorie recipe for Kids’ Thumbprints was chosen by Grapefruit over at Needful Things.  You can find this recipe on her fabulous blog, or on page 163 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours.

First, I apologize for the very late post!  I actually baked these on Monday, but burnt the heck out of the first batch.  I’m actually glad that I had a second shot at these cookies as the toddler and I baked together for the first time.  He came in the kitchen and asked if he could help…how could I turn him down?  These cookies were fantastic!  I think us adults enjoyed them just as much as the toddler.  They definitely taste like a very delicious PB&J sandwich.  Thanks, Grapefruit, for picking such a great recipe!

To see how the other BWD bakers did with these cookies, check out the blogroll.  Up next, Pumpkin Muffins!  I have a feeling these are going to be fabulous!


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