Tap, tap, tap…is this thing on?

Wow, so it appears I haven’t posted anything here since July!! I swear I’m still around, but haven’t been in my kitchen making anything even remotely bloggable (is that a word?). Without getting into too much detail, we’ve had some health issues here with our baby boy, and while he will be okay at the end of it all, the process of endless doctor appointments, tests, therapy, etc. has taken up a lot of my time, and what little time I have left it’s all I can do to get dinner on the table most nights. Add to that the needs of my very active four year old and a husband who’s been traveling a bit for work, and it’s been crazy here!

Thankfully things are settling down here and I’ve already begun to find time to get in the kitchen and try some new recipes (stay tuned for some actual recipe posts in the near future!). I’m so happy to get back to what I love…cooking and baking yummy meals for my three favorite guys! I hope you’ll continue to follow along with me!



…the newest member of The Rookie Baker household!  Lucas William was born on Thursday, September 1st at 10:48 am after a very eventful morning!  I was scheduled for a c-section on Friday (the 2nd), but little man had other plans I guess.  He weighed 6 lbs, 4 ounces and was 18 inches long.  We are so in love!

My First Post

I never in a million years would have thought I’d develop a passion for baking and cooking. I used to be a huge fan of take-out and convenience meals (dinner kits, frozen meals, etc.), and the thought of actually making something from scratch seemed crazy.   But, here I am at 29 years old with a husband, a toddler and a mortgage, and I LOVE baking and cooking.  I owe this mostly to my husband.  The first dinner I cooked for him was some baked chicken with a bottled marinade, Minute Rice with no seasoning whatsoever, and some canned corn.  And to top it off…a Jello No-Bake Cheesecake.  God love him, he ate every bite, and it really was awful. 

Thankfully, my skills have developed greatly since that first dinner over 9 years ago, and I now own well over 30 cookbooks, and have an addiction to reading food blogs and watching Food Network.  This blog will chronicle my trial and tribulations as I continue to enhance my cooking and baking skills.  I hope you enjoy the blog!